Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bakugan Mania

Chances are, if you have a boy between the ages of 5 and 12, you know about Bakugan Mania. If you do not have a boy in that age range, you may be saying Baku-who?? At least that is what the nice Cake Lady said when I called to order Little Chief's Birthday Cake. Thank the Good Lord for Google, because that is where the Cake Lady is headed to find inspiration for the cake decorating to commence.

So after running here, there and over yonder hill this weekend to find Bakugan party favors and invites - because NO OTHER theme would do - I found some at Party City, though their supply was looking slim. We loaded up on invites, and cheap party favors (the kind that never make it to the end of the party without breaking) and then $30 later - we were set for the Bakugan Brawling to begin!

Brawling is the technical term for playing the Bakugan Game. I am no Bakugan expert, but Little Chief is ('cuz he told me so) - but basically each player throws out their little ball and the one with the most power wins. That's all I need to know personally, but apparently the game has many intricacies and can be played with a finesse that only little boys can possess.

Any who, I want you to know that after addressing all the invites and packaging them up and stratigically locating them in the back pack for optimal viewing, Little Chief ended up dropping the package of invites somewhere between the bus and school!! So none of his little friends received their invite to the Brawl!! So guess what I had to do after school and work and in the rain and even in high heels? You guessed it, I had to march my hot (hot as in fired up mad, not hot as in Hawt!) patootie right back to Party City. So let's see if he can make it to school with his second set of invites!! I will take lots of photos this coming weekend at his party to share with y'all. There is either going to be some brawling or some bawling going on, maybe a little of both!

Try stepping on one of these fellas in the middle of the night - make ya say words you never even thought of before!

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Shannon said...

Howdy! And how are you feeling?

Um... I have two girls. So I have no idea how to even say "Bakugan", let alone have mania about it!