Friday, March 20, 2009

BBQ Rib Bonanza!

Yesterday my youngest (and last) baby boy turned 8 years old! Talk about hard to believe!! My son LOVES ribs and a local restaurant has "all-you-can-eat" ribs on Thursday nights, sooooo, Little Chief went and ate some scrumptious ribs for his birthday dinner with mom and dad. I ate salad, bummer!

In this pic he is getting impatient because Chief is taking too long to snap the photo and he just wants to dig in. He is giving daddy a warning look with those tight lips and bug eyes - he totally got that expression from me!

Wet wipes to the rescue!

And of course no birthday dinner is ever complete without a little sweet treat!

Happy Birthday, Pumpkin! Stay tuned, the party is on Saturday!


Anonymous said...

that wouldn't happen to be montana's bbq place off VB blvd and Indep blvd at Pembroke is it???
Yum. I miss restaraunts.

Melanie said...

aww he is soo cute.
and what yummy food! yum yum.

greetings from austria.
melanie xxx