Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tasteful Thursday: Pintos, Pico and Cornbread

Look at this bountiful harvest from my own back yard. My sweet sister-in-law, Jenny, makes the best pico-de-gallo. We had it this past weekend while watching the football games. The key to great pico is to use the freshest ingredients. Pico is great with chips and on tacos or nachos, but Chief and I also like to top our beans with it. SO delicious. So yesterday, I cooked up some pinto beans in the crockpot and we had pintos and rice topped with pico-de-gallo and some cornbread (Jenny taught me a secret on the corn bread - and I'll share that with you too.) SO for this super simple pico, here we go:

Dice one medium onion.

Add one or two diced jalapenos to taste - we like it hot!

Add a large diced tomato and some chopped cilantro.

Add salt to taste and the juice of one large lime.

Fiesta in your mouth, I'm telling you!!

Now the cornbread secret, to spruce up that Jiffy mix add one egg and replace the milk with a small container of sour cream. Bake as directed on package and you will get the most moist, smooth textured cornbread - it has a very cake-like consistency. Betcha won't be able to eat just one piece!


lmerie said...

Thanks for stopping by my post the other day!

Your Tasteful Thursday now has me hungry!! Looks delish!

Heather said...

I LOVE Pico. I'll have to make some now!!

KamaLee said...

Hey, dear Ms. Cottage! I LOVE spreading out the beautiful bounty of my garden, admiring it, and taking pictures of it too. And, I make pico almost identically. But I've got to share with you my sense of the Way of Cornbread! Cornbread from scratch is even easier than pico and way way WAY better than Jiffy. If you go to amazon and do a search on my name or "The Cornbread Gospels" you'll see I wrote a book on this close-to-my-heart topic. My publisher is very nice about sending out review copies when I request 'em. Would you like one? If so just e me your snailmail address. I'm at crescentATdragonwagonDOTcom.


Laurel Plum said...

This looks Amazing! I already like Jiffy cornbread. I usually spiff it up by adding stuff, but I can't wait to try it the way you have suggested.