Monday, January 4, 2010

Book List 2009

Hello There! Knock, knock, anybody home? I have obviously been neglecting my blog for a very long time. I guess that is what happens when you work too much. But I have resolved to treat myself better this year and do more of what I enjoy instead of just doing things I am obligated to do. What do you think about that? I hope I can do it. So first on my list was to get back to blogging. I love it. It is a form of creative expression, you meet so many wonderful folks, you learn something almost every day, I mean what's not to love!! I looking forward to chatting YOU up. So to start with I think I'll list the books I read this year. I did not read near as many as I would have liked to (a baker's dozen)...again with the work schedule. So here it is for your literaray pleasure:

Veronika Decides to Die (Oehello)
The Hunger Games (Collins)
The Twentieth Wife (Sundaresan)
The Sari Shop (Raj Bawa)
Vanishing Acts (Piccoult)
Julie/Julia (Powell)
The Tortilla Curtain (Boyle)
Darjeeling (Kirchnea)
Revolutionary Road (Yates)
New Moon (Meyers) (Read out loud to Little Chief, my 2nd time to read it)
The Wizard of Oz (Read out loud to Little Chief)
The Road (McCarthy)
Handling Sin (Malone)

Have you read any of the above titles? Did you especially enjoy any books this year? I am always looking for titles to add to my TBR (To Be Read) pile, although the TBR pile is taking up two book cases in my house right now! I am currently reading "The Help" and I can barely put it down. It grabs a hold in a powerful way. Have you read it? Come on now, let's set a spell and talk books...or anything else you'd like to. It's been way to long, honey!


Kat said...

Welcome back!!! It has surely been forevah!

And a book post...bestill my heart. I have got to get my slacker act together and finish my best books of 2009 post I have been working on.

I have The Road and The Help on that best list.

And I just finished a fabulous book - Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and sweet...add it to your list!

KimmyJ said...

Hi Kat! I am definitelt adding your book suggestion to my list. Hope you and yours are doing well!

Anonymous said...

The Hunger Games and The Road were both great. They are making a film adaption of The Road and its commin out this year.