Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Health Quest

As with each new year, I vow to get myself healthy and....well, I don't. But I am tired of aching backs and roly polying off the couch and getting winded walking to the mailbox. So here goes again. I have literally tried every diet known to man without any lasting success. Shoot, I think diets are set up to make you fail to keep the industry alive and well. In addition to being failure inducing, these fad diets usually come with a price tag too. Sooooo....I have vowed to diet no more!! No more diet cookies, weighing in at meetings, fake food or cabbage soup (thank the good Lord in Heaven). Instead I am just going to eat what I like in moderation, concentrate on more whole foods and less processed, and try to make one wise food decision after the other until it adds up to success. Plus I need to get my patootie in gear and get some exercise! Work, work, work, makes Kimmy a dull girl and a little bit squishy too! Little Chief said last night while sitting on the loveseat and resting his precious angel head on my arm, "Mama, I am so glad you don't work out because your arm is like a comfy pillow". Then I whacked him and told him to get off me! I found a FREE community that I have used this week to keep me on track. Check it out if you are interested. It is really cool!! Here is a blurb from the website:

"SparkPeople is growing into one of the largest free diet and health-related sites in the world.
SparkPeople has received media coverage from: Fox TV, The New York Times, and ABC TV.
SparkPeople was voted best online health site in Business Week's 2006, 2007 and 2008 "Best of the Web" awards."

Here is the addy:

Tell me about your goals for the New Year, I'd love to hear from y'all!


Kat said...

I have yet to find a diet that I can lose more than 20 pounds with. I even had the wild idea that I would switch weekly to different diet know to keep things interesting :-)

But I agree. Moderation and exercise is the key. Neither of which are my forte!

Lester said...

You can do it Kim! I lost my 70 lbs last year by just eating right (low fat high protein) no fad diet. What I wanted just in moderation like you said. And I got up and walked. And friends like you were there supporting me on Facebook. Now 1 yr later I'm still 70 lbs lighter and feeling and looking better than I probably have since ever. You can do it! I don't get on facebook much anymore, but if you feel you ever just need some encouragement, feel free to email me at I'll give you my phone number if you want to call or even text (just don't want to publish it on a public blog). One important thing... do it for yourself and make it fun! Good luck.

Head Neatherer said...

SparkPeople is possibly one of the best websites I have ever found. I used to be a faithful user of it, but my husband and I moved and our life has been pretty hectic ever since. I have it on my mobile but I never stop to think of using it. I hope you find the success you are looking for! Use it for all it's worth. FYI - I am LAVASJUICE on there if you want to "look me up".