Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Dinner Casa de Jaramillo

This year Chief and I hosted Chritmas dinner, sort of. Grandma Rose and Aunt Jenny cooked at Jenny's place and brought it over. So I got off easy! I made an appetizer and a dessert and provided the table. I opted for no centerpiece and we actually put the food on the table rather than buffet style this year:

I went with traditional Chritmas colors, but I really wanted to do blue and white - maybe next year:

I got these cute placecard holders at Michael's for $.50. I love a bargain!

These glasses were my Grandmother's. She has passed on, and I LOVE them!

Our nephew, Jackson, with his Daddy, Jim.

Jackson with Mommy, Jenny, and teeny baby sister, Caroline (so sweet)!

Grandpa and Grandma Jaramillo here from Florida for the Holidays.

Grandpa Joe, Grandma Rose, Little Chief and Jackson.

I guess that's Cheif's way of coping with all the Holiday stress, geesh, pass the bottle, will ya?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful table! You could also think about doing blue and *silver* for next year :) Anyhow, it looks like your tiny niece has on the same Christmas outfit that Evie did...isn't it adorable? Happy Holidays!

Kat said...

Do what you want! And I am not a big fan of red and green...and I think if you add a metallic to anything, it looks festive :-)

John Deere Mom said...

Beautiful! And I love your place card holders! Adorable and what a great price!

Staci said...

i got christmas Lenox china for christmas this year, i guess itll be at my place next christmas!!

Kim H. said...

The table looked so pretty - and yes, I am a big fan of family, sit down style. It just makes it a bit more homey feeling.

Thanks for your kind comment. I'm slowly on the mend. I didn't realize pneumonia could take someone down like this. I knew it was bad, but the fatigue and body aches. Ugh.

Anyway, I'm slo...wwww....llllyyyy catching up with my blog reading - at least it gives me something to do that's upright and doesn't cause me to cough as much.

Take care!