Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Everyday Heroes: Tissue Warning

A high school friend of my family sent the letter that I am posting below. Her son, Kaleb, age 15, died of cancer and she wrote this touching tribute. Every time I hear about this type of loss it takes me back to days that were so hard to endure, I wonder how we ever did. Our own Angel, Amanda, taken from us too soon at only 19, Chief's younger brother, age 35. Days filled with raw emotion and pain like no other. This made me think of how you never know what is going on in a person's life. We have everyday heroes out there struggling to put one foot in front of the other, praying for the energy to get up and take a shower, or the strength to admit to themselves that they will never get another chance on this earth to hug someone they love, see their smile, hear that laughter. Heroes surround us dressed in regular clothes wearing a smile to mask the hardships they have to daily overcome, not enough money to pay the bills, fear of job loss and those who have to spend hours in waiting rooms and still have faith and hope to share. I have met some of those heroes in this forum who inspire me everyday, blogs like Lizzie's, Kori's and Finding Normal to name a few. I just want to remind all of us to be careful with those around you. You have no idea what kind of battle they face and it is the least we can do to help with a kind word, a hug, a smile or a silent prayer. Traveling mercies to Kaleb and a huge battlecry for support for our everyday heroes, you know who you are.

Here is the email written by a mom who is in need of our prayers today: Kaleb's Christmas Party:

Kaleb woke me this morning @ 4am and told me he thought he
> was passing
> away... As I crawled into bed with him, I told him that he
> couldn't
> because today was his party and he was the guest of honor.
> Almost
> immediately he perked up as I spoke about how much he would
> enjoy his
> Christmas and how everyone wanted to see him. The party was
> at 3 pm and
> he just couldn't wait. He continued to ask me what time
> it is and if it
> was time to go yet! by the time three o'clock came he
> sat up and wanted
> to know when we were leaving. By this time we had to
> explain that we
> brought the party to him instead. He opened presents and
> told everyone
> "oh thank you so much" and "sweet"! As
> each guest arrived he greeted
> them with his usual "hey" and big smile... His
> girlfriend was the best
> medicine... He gazed into her eyes as she sat in the
> spotlight, (totally
> embarrassed) and he gently told her how beautiful he
> thought she was...
> He even told her that he could just stare at her all day.
> He was so in
> love... Kaleb told her mother that on Christmas he was
> bringing over
> mistletoe in hopes of their first kiss.
> Kaleb's party was like no other! As he finally drifted
> off all of his
> friends and family were at his bedroom window singing
> christmas
> carols... He continued to tell each of us how much he loved
> us and asked
> us not to cry. He even got that first kiss... By 8:45pm he
> took his
> final breath! Never once did he complain! His only worry
> was for each of
> us that he left behind. What a gift! The party was for
> Kaleb so that he
> could open his gifts for his last Christmas! Everyone came
> with the
> intention of giving but no one knew just how precious of a
> gift they
> would all leave with... I love you my baby! I will miss
> your smile
> forever! Mom


Kori said...

I don't have any words. Thak you.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Oh my... what a precious story. What a precious boy. I can't imagine living through the pain of losing someone that close to me in my life. God give that Mother grace and heaping gobs of love.

And thank you for the link. I certainly don't see myself as a hero, but thank you.

Blissful Babe said...

What a bittersweet story. An acquaintance of mine just lost her daughter to Cystic Fibrosis last night. So sad to lose someone, but what a joyous thing to go Home to Jesus!


Kat said...

Oh, wow. You really need the tissues to get through that one...I can't even begin to imagine how she could write it.

Thanks for sharing...and you are right...people can be so very amazing. And not even realize the influence that they have on others.

Live.Love.Eat said...

I am SO sorry for your friend. And so sorry that boy had to go through what he did. I'm also sorry you lost your angel too. My heart is hurting and I can't help but cry. I am leaving work in 27 minutes to pick up my 5yo and I promise I will be holding him especially close tonight. Prayers to all!!!!!!!!

Finding Normal said...

That was beautiful!
I'm no hero. My kid is, but I'm just along for her ride.
Thanks for the linky love!
Many prayers for Kaleb's family and friends.

Kaleb said...

Kim, this is Kalebsmom... Another angel brought me to your page and I just wanted to thank you for allowing Kaleb to touch your heart. I find I have been so blessed by just being a part of something so powerful. It is amazing what God can do... I take no credit, it was all the work of the man above. Again, thank you... I'm honored! Patti Hopson