Tuesday, January 13, 2009

MUFA Anyone?

No it is not an ugly word, honey, you know my Mama raised me better than that. MUFA stands for monounsaturated fatty acid. These are healthy kinds of fat. I am loosely following a health plan that includes a MUFA with every meal. Apprently this is a diet world "Buzz" word. But so far things are going well on my plan. The MUFAs help you stay fuller longer and you are able to last between meals without getting hungry, plus there are lots of other healthy MUFA benefits. Ok - enough with the MUFA, but here are some examples: Avacado, Olive Oil, Olives, Nuts and Seeds and my favorite MUFA (opps, I said it again) dark chocolate. I have been eating four small 400 calorie meals a day and so far I have not felt hungry like on other programs I have been on, and child, let me tell you, I have been on them ALL.

This is where I am getting some really good menu ideas and recipes for my mini meals.


Mama Wheaton said...

I don't do well on diet plans to much of a rebel I guess. But I've been working out at the gym.

Asphodel said...
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Asphodel said...

Subsisting on coffee the entire day is not helping me resist non MUFA substances today!