Friday, June 20, 2008

Fabulous Five Friday

Five things I think are fabulous:

1. Magnetic Bookmarks. I totally LOVE these things. You can mark the actual line of text where you left off reading. When I have some time, I will make my own, but I bought some at the Hallmark store for $1.95. A reader's BFF. This little angel is only one of the thousands of great designs. You can order some online here:

2. I usually like to keep my treasured books, but sometimes if I end up with duplicates or I didn't particularly like the book, I would be willing to swap it. Sometimes I thrift books and post them for swaps. You basically get books for the price of postage. I have done hundreds of swaps with no problems at all, knock wood.

3. Bertolli Frozen Chicken Parmigiana & Penne. Literally dump this is a pan and you have a delicious dinner in exactly 10 minutes. It is so fresh and delicious. The website even gives you wine pairings. Even though I think Rocco Dispirito looks suspiciously skinny now. What is up with that?

I LOVE these things. You can wash your face without having to use water or anything. Pop one out, clean, exfoliate and you are done. Fast and easy for the busy mom lifestyle. If not for these babies, I would wear make up to bed every night.

5. The Blog Universe. Where else can you meet so many fabulously diverse, talented, funny, smart, handy people? Yeah, I'm talking to YOU!


X-Ray said...

My fabulous five would all consist of things I can do with by favorite big brother Cody.

Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh I'm going to go look for those Pond cleaners. They sound great.

I love the look of your blog. So pretty and girly.


Heather said...

I LOVE posts like this. I'm definitely going to try those face wipes.

Mrs. R said...

That Bertolli stuff is AMAZING. I just add some more chick strips to it for my hungry men and wa la.. dinner.

Staci said...

thanks for stoppin by today, okay for reals im totally trying out the meal in 10....super fast is good for me....and the face things, um yeah i wear makeup to bed all the time, who has time to wash their face when they are soo exhausted from running after two kids all day......speed freaks i guess!!! BTW i hope im not being a traitor for saying this but your blog is super d duper cute!!!

anyway, ill be back fo sho, heres to new blogger buddies and sits without whom we'd never have met!!!

Melissa Lee said...

Okay, cand we be friends?


I have seen the Bertollie and thought it looked good, but just wasn't sure. Thanks for the tip.

I just bought my weight in Pond's face cleaners.

And I love Rocco Dispirito and need to know what is going on with him.??!!??!!

Now go get me a magnetic bookmark and send it to your favorite Stretch Marks blog.