Saturday, June 7, 2008

Incoming Lovliness

Howdy Y'all!

I am so excited, The lovely Shannon over at Eight Crazy Designs (rightly referred to by me as the Designing Goddess from now on) is working on a custom blog design for me!! I want to tell you that the work she has showed me so far is beyond what I expected. It is as pretty as fresh spun pink cotton candy. More fru-fru lovliness than I can hardly stand. So stay tuned for the beauty to behold. When this place gets fit for company, then I am planning a giveaway to get some traffic over here. I want the Designing Goddess' work to be seen by the masses! Check back often!

I will be real busy this weekend. We are having an open house to try and sell the homestead, so I gotta get busy cleaning up this morning. And then I am taking four, 7-year-old boys to see Kung Fu Panda. Lordy, Lordy, I better prepare myself for all the karate chopping, kicking, jumping and grunting that will commence after the show!!

I hope you take time today for a few minutes of peace and quiet and a tall glass of iced tea - it's gonna be a hot one!


Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh I can't wait to see your blog look.

When you do your give away let me know. I will post a link on my blog for you. On the right side of my blog I have a heading titled Give Aways.

It's a fun place to check out things from other people too.


Christy said...

A new blog design? Fun! I bet it will be fabulous. I did my own (it's not so fab...I should look into something better). Can't wait to check yours out!

Lisa said...

Hi. I found you through "Secret is in the sauce". Wow, I am can't wait to see your new blog home. I am sure you are excited. I will check back to see it.

Laurel Plum said...

I LOVE the blog design! Very girly and charming! And it's my favorite color! My blog is fairly new and is as plain as a piece of typing paper. Who knew there was so much to learn about blogging! I'll eventually get around to "sprucing up the porch" so to speak, but there are still some technical things that are important for me to get to first. Anyway, LOVE IT!